Invite: Upcoming OpenPAYGO Token Demo

All esteemed members of the EnAccess Community are invited to attend the upcoming demo that EnAccess is hosting with UNREEEA & USEA on 15 November at 11:00 EAT (9:00 CET).

In 1 hour you will be guided step-by-step on how to use the Open Source materials to add the OpenPAYGO Token to Solar-based Devices.

The OpenPAYGO Token is an Open Source token system with hardware- and software-agnostic technology to enable PAYGO functionality & compatibility. Developed by Solaris Offgrid.

The demo will start with introductions by Vivien Barnier, CEO of EnAccess, and Dr Nicholas Mukisa, CEO of UNREEEA.
At the end of the demo is a Q&A session where you can ask questions.

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Hi all - the full video from today’s Live Event is posted on the EnAccess YouTub page: OpenPAYGO Token Demo with EnAccess and UNREEEA - YouTube

During the Q&A, we answered or addressed the following questions:

Which types of meter are you working with?
Regarding Victron - what is the biggest system they have you worked with?
How much of this process is of PAYGO integration is free?
Could you mention some devices that can easily be integrated into PAYGO?
I am new to this concept, found it very interesting. Just want to know how secure is it?

Special thanks to Claudio Shawawreh from Solaris OffGrid for participating in the Q&A!

There was one question we didn’t get to that I figured we could address here: Abdu Kalema asked “If PAYGO is purchased through a third party, does the system itself also have a fixed running time beyond which you need to renew or it’s one time installation?”

@benjamin.david can you please provide light on this thing?

I am not sure I understand the question, but here is how I am interpreting it: “If you buy PAYGO software from a third party to generate your tokens, do you have to pay a license for a fixed period of time or do you just pay once?”

To which the answer would be: It depends on the PAYGO software provider you choose, while most are Software as a Service, and hence require a monthly payment to keep processing payments from your clients and send them SMS with tokens (as well as many other features), some other software might be a one time license or even completely free. In fact you could use the Python library provided on the OpenPAYGO Token github to generate tokens, though it would not do any payment processing nor sending SMS, etc.

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