Open Smart Meter New Potential Features

As many of you have hopefully seen, the Open Smart Meter was recently developed by First Electric. We have received much interest from potential adopters (link here, if you haven’t check it out yet: Smartmeter - EnAccess

After talking with various potential adopters, we have received some feedback on potential improvements for the Open Smart Meter. I would be interested in getting feedback on what potential changes or improvements might make the meter more interesting to potential adopters?

  1. Addition of Open PayGO token based on charging by kWh usage rather than time based
  2. Adaptation of Cicada wifi so meter can communicate via wifi to internet connection point
  3. Addition of mesh communication for meter usage in applications with multiple meters such as minigrids
  4. 3-Phase version for monitoring larger commercial loads

If you have any of your own suggestions or would like to particularly see any of the above implemented please let us know by commenting below.