An Energy Access-focussed IoT platform - for OSEA

Hi there
we are working with our friends at Simusolar to develop AirLink, a new communication system to allow smartphones to talk with Bluetooth-enabled appliances. This will allow - among other things - to be able to relay data to appliances which are outside GSM mobile signal, or that just have no GSM modem.
We will share more about this in due course, but meanwhile we have an intermediate step worth discussing here.

We would like to facilitate the adoption of this new innovation, and the cloud side of the story will be important for that. For this purpose, Simusolar made a nice comparison document, which led to reaching out to the folks at

We are now discussing with them an EnAccess-led initiative, allowing new companies to run a instance hosted by EnAccess, to be able to get started faster with adopting the upcoming AirLink materials. This would mean you could download AirLink and immediately get it to work, including the cloud IoT platform, without any costs.

We plan to start charging companies as their usage goes up, in order to cover costs, but at the beginning we think it is important to create a one-stop-shop approach to make it easier to start using our Open Source innovations.

What do you think? Worth pursuing? Would you use this?


@oaitchison , OKRA had developed open source IoT hardware( CICADA) as well to address connectivity issue in areas with poor network. Will the above cloud service for database hosting through will be interest to you guys in case its not already developed by you guys?
Thoughts? would love to hear comparison as well.

Hi All,

Curious to understand to know if there was progress in the discussions of a things board instance hosted by EnAccess.

Cant agree more with @fabio ; creating an integrated approach facilitating easy to roll out of energy products into the market accelerated by open source innovations.

Happy to explore possibilities over a round table on ways to enable an energy entrepreneur with the cloud ecosystem along with open hardware. Circular economic model around batteries require digitisation of the value chain and it is a collaborative approach. Looking forward to the engaging with the community around this topic.

Hi @darshanv
we did indeed already setup the shared environment on our servers. For now Simusolar is the only company using it, as part of the development work for the Airlink Bluetooth-enabled Nexus Channel project (you can read more discussion on that here).

Let me know if you would want to have an account for our thingsboard implementation, would be happy to provide you one (for free).