Event on open energy system planning initiative - PyPSA meets Africa

Hi everyone,
We have on 01.10 an event on our open energy planning initiative. We believe that digital-twin like open-source tools can help with decision-making. For instance, it can clarify the pain and gain from connecting mini-grids to the main grid OR help grid planners to reduce the risk of blackouts (which might increase with increasing energy access).

Our next event is unfortunately not focused on energy access but if you want to get some more imaginations about what we do and how we could solve some pressing problems then please join us. We will clarify:

  • What is our open energy system model initiative about?
  • How do we create #data4earth from satellites?
  • How you can contribute?

The registration and more details are given here.

Best wishes,


@max.parzen can you share the link where to find more details about this initiative?