Generate Immediately Deployable SOPs for Off-Grid Solar & Storage Installation/Commissioning/Maintenance

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We would love your feedback on our potential open source innovation.

Problem Statement & Context:

There’s tons of reports / guidance around solar & storage technical best practices in long-form reports and PDFs, but they are hard to parse through and make actionable for SME energy system providers and local installation/servicing teams. Distilling these best practices into specific step-by-step SOP format would make this information much more accessible and verifiable, and mitigate challenges around quality control, health & safety, and reliability of these projects.

We’ve recently created a free and public Workflow Library of ready-to-go SOPs for C&I solar and storage systems in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory based on their O&M Best Practice Guidelines. We would love to expand on this in an open-source way that’s more purpose-built for Off-Grid systems and the Energy Access sector.

Open-Source Innovation:

We have 2 ideas for open-source innovation here and would love the community’s feedback:

*1. [Lower Effort] Off-Grid Technology Workflow Library: Publicly accessible library of immediately deployable SOPs for installation, commissioning, and maintenance of common off-grid system configurations based on IEC recommendations. SOPs are presented in illu workflow format - i.e. interactive, dynamic, mobile-friendly as swipeable step-by-step instructions and verification. See examples here. To be hosted on Github and Gitbook, with a more user friendly frontend hosted either through illu’s servers or through other partners.

*2. [More Effort] Web-tool Leveraging LLM to Generate Digital SOPs from PDF Manuals: We would build a open source tool that intakes a PDF or other long-form technical documents, and generates digital SOPs in step-by-step, user-friendly, immediately deployable format. The model would train a machine-learning or LLM model (e.g. ChatGPT) on equipment manuals or best-practice technical guidelines, to output structured data in step-by-step workflow format (as shared above). We have experimented with similar models and the initially parsed SOPs are promising.

Please let us know if you would find these projects helpful. And if any partners come to mind for innovation creation or dissemination. Thanks for your help and advice.

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