Open Source Operation Management System(OMS) for E-Mobility

Hi All

We have received a proposal for another potential Open Source Operation Management System ( OMS) for E-Mobility. We would like to tap into the experts from E-mobility in this community for their feedback on this innovation potential value :
We want to understand if the proposed innovation is addressing the sector level need and will be useful for future adopters. This is why we are asking your help in assessing whether the proposed innovation is sound, and what its shortcomings may be.

Share your feedback directly in the forum here for everyone to see and participate.

These are the questions we are trying to answer:

  1. If you used a similar solution in the past, how does this proposed solution compare? How would you rank it from 1 to 5, 1 being “Much Worse” and 5 being “Much Better” ?
  2. Would the list of deliverables be sufficient for companies such as yours or local companies to adopt this innovation?
  3. Can you think of potential scenarios when this innovation would NOT work for local companies?
  4. Anything else we should know?

Open Source Innovation
An Open Source Operation Management System(OMS) for E-Mobility. It will provide performance indicators at charge stations, field operations and maintenance services at service points.It also offers after-sales services to e-mobility drivers

Proposed Deliverables
1.** A 4xFunctional mobile phone applications and 1x dashboard**

  • Driver apps
  • Navigation to new, old and adjusted stations
  • Overview of all network of stations
  • Roadside assistance due to low battery
  • Tracked driver complaints
    [View demo video] (OMS E-mobility driver app.mp4 - Google Drive)

B. Charge Station Attendant Apps;

  • Energy sales data
  • Tracked station complaints issues
  • Asset tracking algorithm to prevent driver fraud( forging IDs to get free battery sales)
    View demo video

C. Operations App;

  • Battery balancing Algorithms(hourly update),
  • Visible station KPIs
    View demo video

D. Tech Apps for service teams;

E. 1x Remote-E-mobility dashboard for management

  1. Flow diagrams for App logic

  2. Appsheet source files for the applications in 1and 2

  3. Google script source code for data management for 3

  1. Its quite an interesting system. Ranking 4
  2. Yes
  3. Computer literacy
  4. N/A
  1. I’d give it a ranking of 5
  2. Definitely yes
  3. Remote areas without good internet coverage

Addresses many of the challenges e-mobility companies are grappling with in the early stages of implementation in Africa. I say absolutely yes, haven’t seen any solution of this kind yet. 5/5

This looks very interesting, we are operating in East Africa, the potential of adoption for such an OMS seems high. One question coming to my mind is: what will be the timeline for development ? especially knowing that all fellow e-mobility companies are now looking at similar solution as inhouse development.

Hi @Jsh , The timeline to make it available should be 3 months . All applications are functional and working. Presenting it as a fully Open source product is hopefully the next phase post a successful community review

Hi @Joend the applications should work in areas with poor, weak or no network howeve,r live data will only be retrieved or updated to the main data base when the network is restored