Make Money with Open Source! ;)

Hi All

EnAccess is going to have its first Webinar series on Open Source in Energy Access. In this series, we are going to hear directly from energy access companies, their reasons and incentive to Open Source their innovations and companies who adopted these innovations in their business.
What led them to embrace open source in their organisations? And what did they learn in the process?

Through this webinar series, we are going to provide an answer to some key questions that are often asked by the companies who are considering open sourcing their innovation.

One such question is:
Can you make money with Open Source? How? What is your experience?

Let us know your views on this by replying below.

Responses posted before 14th Sep 2021 will be shared during the webinar on the 14th Sep 2021 at 3pm CEST.
If you haven’t register for the webinar yet, here’s the registration link!