Open BMS Under Testing

@martinj and the Libre Solar team has begun testing of the Battery Management System (BMS) with the first participant, Urban Morph, connecting their Open BMS to their battery.

Below is a snapshot of the data that has started being sent for their system to the cloud. While there have been a few delays due to clearance issues for our other testers, they are expected to soon have their BMS online to help further validate the BMS. It’s exciting to see Libre Solar reach this milestone.

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that is great to see! congratulations!
is the BMS control program/interface also open source and part of the LibreSolar project?

Like all innovations funded by EnAccess, the BMS is open source & freely available on Github. You can find out more both on the EnAccess website:

Documentation, etc is available on Github here:


Regarding the control program /visualization, it is based on grafana which is another open-source tool for energy visualization. I’m sure @martinj can provide more details.

The platform uses Grafana and VictoriaMetrics as the data storage, which are both open source. The backend software we use for testing, which receives the data from the devices and puts it into the database, is currently not open source. However, we provide a Python script that can be easily adopted to any data storage backend you have.

For configuration of the BMS we suggest to use the built-in Bluetooth interface. The phone app is also Open Source (but not yet available through the iOS or Android stores): GitHub - ThingSet/thingset-app: Generic ThingSet App built with Flutter

thank you, Martin. very useful.
Do you know if there is also an open source battery system (hardware and software) that can be used to test an experimental battery?
And are you planning to make your BMS interfacing with such a battery testing system?


Would you be able to provide any more information on the type of battery you are trying to test & what types of tests you are trying to run?


Hi Joe,
in the first instance we want to text a 2x24V/ 4 kW vanadium redox flow battery system. After that, we hope to also replace its proprietary BMS with an open source one.
If you know a specialist up to the job, we can provide the resources. you can reach me at

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