Barriers to adopting Open Innovation

Tell us you biggest challenge/ pain point when exploring or considering Open Source solution to your business? also if possible please share the type of Open Innovation your were trying to adopt and hit the bottleneck

I am not running a business, only an experimental research group. The main challenge to choose an open source solution for any of our devices or the running programs is long-term availability and maintenance (updates, compatibility).

There are reliable support communities for many software packages and even hardware. Proprietary hardware also have the risk of obsolescence and weak support. But in general, there seem to be more guarantees in place when working with companies in comparison with using products of open communities.

In supporting and developing open source projects, it is important to reserve some resources for integration and maintenance of mid-term compatibility. This is not so easy because contributing to new products is often more attractive (for people and investors) than troubleshooting and maintenance.

Thanks Sanli for sharing your reflection on this. Given that Open Innovation is fairly nascent in Energy Access, I completely agree that there is a need to allocate or identify resources to ensure that innovations are relevant and updated. We at Enaccess acknowledge this need and do provide support on case to case basis as well as promoting collaboration among companies as well as promoting community aspect for Open Innovations in energy access.

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