Solaris releases OpenPAYGO Metrics data format

Solaris just released the OpenPAYGO Metrics data format under MIT license.

More info on their GitHub Page. Also here is the full Specification document, including context and usage examples.

Great initiative by Solaris!

@Chad, @Josh would love to hear Nexus channel team’s perspective on limitations of current OCF standards given Nexus channel is built on OCF standards. These limitations were one of the core reason for developing new standards in this release.

Hi Aarti,

This release looks like a great way to standardize server-to-server communication of device usage data, but doesn’t really apply to OCF data models for device to device communication as far as I can tell! It looks convenient to save space by using CBOR as well.

From the bit of reading I’ve done on the OCF Cloud standards, they are generally pretty heavy in terms of hardware / software requirements.